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About Us

We believe purchasing a watch is a right of passage that every man should have the honour of making. That's why we've created this site to help you find a watch that will look great, feel great and compliment who you are.

We champion men and manhood! Through Men's Sheds we support Men's Community groups which help men to help themselves and the wider community. Guys need to be men - and that is what we are all about. The values we hold promote stepping into manhood; to carry responsibility, integrity and honour on our journeys.

Looking at watches can be daunting, and that's where we come in. We source quality watches from several manufacturers in the USA, Europe and Asia - a combination of statement and class to present what we consider to be a Collection worthy of watch-lovers and novices alike.

Choosing from us means you're getting a quality product and also supporting a reputable Charity at the same time. Men's Sheds has been responsible for reducing isolation among men, improving mental health, creating a sense community and supporting various community projects. If you would like to find your nearest Men's Shed click here.

When a man wears a watch it's a statement of who he is, and what he's about. Men weren't made to be silenced, and it's our hope to see you step up and find your voice and fit in the world, and truly step into all that you were born to be.

Finally, it really is my privilege to offer you your new time-piece! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have in providing it for you.

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